About ChezMatik:

ChezMatik (pronounced chess-matic), or simply Chez, is a multi-talented Dutch artist and beatmaker who has been creating urban art and crafting HipHop beats and EDM since the mid 90's. Under the pseudonym Chezzy's, the artist introduced the world to a remarkable character design in the late 90's and early 2000's during the transition from graffiti to graphic design.


The Journey of Chezzy's:

Chezzy's was born during a time of artistic exploration, blending elements of urban graffiti with the finesse of graphic design. After a period of creative reflection, ChezMatik's character Chezzy experienced a triumphant return in 2020 with a renewed sense of purpose, Chezzy's embraced the digital age and found a new home on Instagram. Through this platform, the artist has been able to connect with a passionate community of art enthusiasts, sharing their captivating creations with the world.


The Small Business Venture:

Fuelled by the overwhelming support and enthusiasm from fans, ChezMatik is now taking the next exciting step in his artistic journey by starting a small business. As part of this venture, Chezzy's is proud to present an exclusive line of merchandise. The collection features stylish and artful t-shirts and stickers, each adorned with bold graphics and designs.


Join Chezzy:

Whether you have been a long-time fan or have recently discovered Chezzy's art, we invite you to follow Chezzy's on Instagram to witness the evolution of the artwork, gain insights into the creative process, and stay updated on the latest releases, including the exclusive merchandise and exciting NFT drops.

Your support plays a crucial role in empowering this talented artist to thrive and continue creating his captivating art. By appreciating and engaging with Chezzy's, you contribute to the artistic journey and provide the encouragement and motivation needed to push the boundaries of creativity. Your support allows ChezMatik to reach a wider audience, connect with fellow art enthusiasts, and build a strong foundation for it's small business and artistic endeavors.